New location and hoping to get a camera back on line

I noticed it had been four years since I last updated the site. When the last camera went down, I figured it would only be temporary. Well two home changes and two years later, it has not been replaced. I still want to get this back on line and have a location picked out to mount the camera. Hopefully, before the year is out, I will have a replacement in place.

Eastern Bluebird Chicks Update

The Eastern Bluebird chicks have hatched and seem to be doing well. It does look like all five eggs hatched, although I am not 100% sure of it. The FeederCam and NestCam do occasionally freeze, however I usually get them restarted within 24hrs. Thanks for visiting, Susan and Jim.

Round Two: Bluebirds Take Lead

The Eastern Bluebirds have returned to the nestbox and successfully laid 3 eggs. Susan witnessed a standoff the other day between the Bluebirds and the Chickadees at the nestbox. Waiting to see if that was the end of the Hatfields versus the McCoys. Thanks for visiting, Susan and Jim.

Eastern Bluebird eggs

Carolina Chickadee Wins Round One

The first nesting attempt this year was unsuccessful for our resident Eastern Bluebird pair. Shortly after each egg was laid, a Carolina Chickadee would enter the nestbox. Could not tell if the Chickadee was only piercing the egg with its beak or actually removing it. Either way, at least three eggs were laid and subsequently removed.
Round two seems to have started as we can see the Eastern Bluebirds have returned to the nestbox adding fresh material. Hopefully, they will be more successful this time. Thanks for visiting, Susan and Jim.

Nesting and Feedercam

The Eastern Bluebirds have picked our nestbox again to raise their first brood of the season. The nest is finished and just waiting on the eggs now. I believe I may have found the issue with the Feedercam going off line. I was tidying up the wiring and discovered one of the wires to supply power had a bad solder joint. Fingers crossed it stays on line now. Thanks for visiting, Susan and Jim.

FeederCam is once again live

The feedercam is working again. I really have no idea what fixed it, as I had tested the camera and thought it was dead. I discovered it was working too late in the day to correct the aim of the camera; I plan to get that fixed in the next few days. If you visit the nestbox cam in the evenings, you might catch a glimpse of one of our small songbirds using it for nighttime shelter. Thanks for visiting, Susan and Jim.

Five Eastern Bluebird Chicks Hatched

Earlier this week all five eggs hatched. They all look healthy so far and the parents seem to be doing a good job of keeping them fed. Making sure I keep suet and sunflower meats handy for the parents to snack on while taking care of the young.

First Eastern Bluebird Eggs of 2016

The Eastern Bluebirds have finished laying their first clutch of eggs for 2016. We have 5 eggs in the nestbox. The feeder camera keeps loosing sync and just displaying a blue page. Not sure what is going on there. It may take me a while to fix it. Too many irons in the fire right now.

2nd Brood Fledged

The second brood of Eastern Bluebirds fledged the evening of 7/3. This happened while the neighbors were setting off fireworks. Hoping they did not leave too early due to the noise. The hummingbird activity has been decent the past week; Solution is going down more quickly than it has been.

First Brood of 2015 has Fledged

All five of the Eastern Bluebird chicks fledged late this week. Just finished removing the old nest getting ready for hopefully another brood. Started adding some raw peanuts in the shell to the feeder cam tray. The Americian Crows and Bluejays are loving it. Thanks for visiting, Susan and Jim.


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