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July 5th, 2007

Wingbarscafe.com has always been focused on having a streaming cam on a bird feeder. It has also always been created and hosted on open source software. Both Debian and Gentoo Linux are used in the creation, maintenance and hosting of this site. It is fed to you via a dsl connection which is the reason for the slower loading of the pages and the ten second refresh rate on the feedercam.

The blog with regular updates is a new direction for it. As this is a bird feeder focused site, a majority of the content will be covering the birds that are native to our area and to the yard. We are located in northeast Georgia, United States and are fortunate to live in an area that has a wide variety of wildlife. The updates will often include a bit about mammalian and reptilian natives to our yard. The deer and the rabbit are regulars as you may have noticed. Please feel free to leave comments on any post you have an interest in. Although I created this site for myself, I want it to be interesting enough that others want to visit and share their thoughts. Thanks, Jim.

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