Temporary Feeder Cam Fix

December 29th, 2011

I have a temporary solution in place for the feeder cam. The motion activated snaps are not available though. I hope to have the issue tracked down and corrected soon so that everything will be working properly. Thanks, Jim and Susan

Feeder Cam Down

December 27th, 2011

Working through a failure in the feeder cam that resulted from an upgrade. We hope to have it back soon. Please check back later. Thanks, Jim and Susan

Happy Holidays To All

December 24th, 2011

Happy Holidays to all from the entire wingbarscafe family.

Cam Interference :-(

December 12th, 2011

Feeder cam is having a hard time today with interference. Something nearby is causing this. Wonder if my neighbors would mind turning off their heat pump to see if that is the issue :-) Maybe I will just try moving some cables around first.

Nice Day To Be Outside

December 3rd, 2011

The birds might have been a little scarce on the feeder cam today while I was working in the yard. I did notice that one of our male Eastern Bluebirds was camped out on the feeder several times today. Also spotted a Brown-headed Nuthatch at the feeder cam. It was warm enough for our reptiles to catch some rays today. While I was raking leaves I spotted a young Anole Lizard on one of the fence posts. Most of the deer seem to be getting used to not having a fence to jump anymore to get in the yard. Some of them still seen a little confused. Thanks for visiting, Jim and Susan.


    Welcome to WingbarsCafe. The site consists of a webcam focused on a sunflower feeder and blogs posted about bird and other wild animal activity in the yard. Also featured are motion activated snapshots that may give you a chance to get a better look at birds that have been at the feeder.