Just A Few Short Hours

July 4th, 2011

Put a hummingbird feeder out shortly after the last post. We are already getting visitors :-)

Updates And Changes Coming

July 4th, 2011

I really appreciate the people that drop by to see what is on the feeder cam and check for other updates. Please accept my apologies for the lack of updates in the past months. I  have another project in the works that is unrelated to wild birds that has been occupying all of  my free time. That is not likely to change much in the coming months as the project develops, however I do want to make some changes to wingbarscafe.com. The main change I want to make is to move to a differnent blogging platform. The site will keep all of its features however the locations will change. To ease the transition when it goes live I will set up redirects that will send you to the new page on the most frequently requested pages and for the others I will have a redirect back to the front page where I hope it will be easy to see where the content you are looking for is located. Also I will try to keep all of the usernames and passwords unchanged however I am not sure that will be totally possible. At least I should be able to save the usernames and you could use a password change link to reset your password to what you want. The move to the new site should take place inside of two weeks and could be as soon as the next two days.

On the bird front, the Eastern Buebirds have fledged two broods so far and I see the male hanging out at the nest box watching for his mate. We are having a bad year with yellow jackets and I have not put out the hummingbird feeders due to that and the previously mentioned time issues. I think I have them under control and will try putting out a feeder today. Thank You. Jim


    Welcome to WingbarsCafe. The site consists of a webcam focused on a sunflower feeder and blogs posted about bird and other wild animal activity in the yard. Also featured are motion activated snapshots that may give you a chance to get a better look at birds that have been at the feeder.