Northern Cardinal Verses Brown Thrasher

May 31st, 2010

I was watching the feeder in front of the camera yesterday when I witnessed the following. A male Northern Cardinal was in the feeder eating the sunflower seeds. A Brown Thrasher landed on the handrail, obviously wanting to check the feeder out for anything of interest. The two birds have a bit of a stare down. The Brown Thrasher gets up the courage to hop in the feeder opposite the Cardinal. Upon landing in the feeder, the Thrasher immediately thrusts its open beak towards the Cardinal. Not to be outdone, the Cardinal opens his beak and leans towards the Thrasher. While the Cardinal remained in this threatening stance the Thrasher would occasionally close its beak and sort through the assortment of sunflower meats, peanuts, millet and black oil sunflower for its desired snack.  The Thrasher would then quickly raise its head and thrust its open beak towards the Cardinal again. I am guessing this was an immature Thrasher as after several of these threats, it snapped up a peanut and flew away. If it had been a mature Thrasher, I think the Cardinal would have been the one to make a hasty exit.

Cowbird Missing, Bluejays Take Over

May 18th, 2010

I have not seen the Cowbird that was courting his reflection for several days. I guess he has moved on. We had more than our usual number of Blue Jays eating suet today. I could not help but wonder if some of them were fledglings. Still seeing the Ruby-throats at the hummingbird feeder occasionally. Also, the deer are regulars at the corn tray again. Thanks for visiting, Jim.

I’m Too Sexy

May 2nd, 2010

This male Brown-headed Cowbird has now been courting his reflection in the camera for several weeks. The video below was recorded in April. He still courts his reflection, just not all day long as he did in the past. He makes a brief exit to get a drink of water and then returns to finish his performance. The video is just over two minutes long.


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