Yellow-rumped Warbler and Red-bellied Woodpecker

February 28th, 2010

I got a chance to see a Yellow-rumped Warbler eating sunflower meats at the feeder cam earlier today. I usually only see them at the suet feeder. A little later I could see male and female Red-bellied Woodpeckers giving the feeder a good bit of attention. We have had male Eastern Bluebirds fighting over the window feeder up in the office. Cool stuff today.

Hawk Wing Noise Explained

February 10th, 2010

I was over at Bird Watcher Supply talking to Karen and Mark today and asked about the noise I heard the two hawks make the other day. I had suspected it had something to do with their decent from the higher altitude I first spotted them at. Mark explained that most likely they had stalled at the bottom of their decent to abruptly change direction. It could have been that they suddenly realized I was outside in the middle of the feeders and this was not a good time to pop in for lunch. They certainly were scanning the terrain as they flew over me. Cool stuff.


February 8th, 2010

I was just outside filling the bird feeders when I heard a hawk calling overhead. I could not identify the species of hawk though. Anyway, as I was standing in the front yard, one of the hawks made a swoop over the trees above my head. What was so incredibly cool about this is that I could hear the wind rushing over the hawks wings. It was like a roaring kind of wind noise. As I was trying to sort out what just happened, another hawk made the same manuever. Again, I could hear the roaring sound of the wind going through the hawks wings. I do not know if it was just the position of the hawks wings that created this sound or if they were traveling that fast. The hawks were about 100′ or more away from me during this time. I have never heard this before even though hawks frequent the sky above the house and make occassional raids in the yard. Incredible.


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