Baby Boom

May 28th, 2009


We have seen a number of the young at the feeders or being fed by their parents. I still find it amusing to watch the young stand in or next to the suet or seed and wait for their parents to pick it up and put it in their mouth. In the picture above you see a juvenile Mourning Dove and Eastern Bluebird. Also the Gray Squirrel numbers have increased dramatically. This has resulted in an increased number of raids on the deck feeder. I have started treating the seed with a pepper solution to teach the little rodents that the feeder cam food is not on the menu. We are seeing an occasional Ruby-throated Hummingbird and are waiting for the numbers to increase before putting out more feeders. Right now we just have the feeder you see in the background of the feeder cam out.

Monday Updates

May 18th, 2009

Watching the hummingbird feeder a little closer I was able to see visits by both a female Ruby-throated Hummingbird and one or two male Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. I understand they are already hanging close to their nests and that we will not notice any real number of visitors until June.
The Eastern Bluebirds have been busy feeding their young both insects and sunflower meats. The Eupopean Starlings have a brood to feed as well. They have been hammering the suet feeder.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Update

May 10th, 2009

Off to a very slow start here with the hummingbird migration. We saw one Ruby-throated Hummingbird at the feeder on 5/4/09. We have not seen any since :-(

On the positive side, the Eastern Bluebirds babies fledged a couple of weeks ago and it looks like we are on our way to having another brood. The parents to be have been rather busy with the nestbox.


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